What are the Benefits of Family Law Mediation

Posted by LADR on Oct 4th, 2013 in Family Law Mediation

Mediation can be used to resolve matters involving family members, just as it is used for business and other legal matters. Mediators in family law cases help resolve issues that involve spousal support, child support, parenting time and decision making for minor children, and property division. The mediator serves as a neutral party used to settle dissolution/divorce issues and custody (parenting time and decision making) disputes, as well as issues within a family that do not pertain to marriages or children. Family mediation is private, so anything that occurs during the mediation or develops as a result of the mediation is not a public record. Mediation is simpler than using the court system and it is also less expensive.

Unfortunately, there are times when mediation does not resolve the problem. Both parties must be willing to work with the mediator and reach a decision that is acceptable to all sides. Family mediation can involve several different people, so it is sometimes difficult to reach a decision that is acceptable to all parties involved. If the case eventually proceeds to court, finding a resolution is even more expensive than if court were used as the first option.

Of course, when a case can be resolved through mediation alone, it is much cheaper and takes less time than if it were to be settled in court. The cost of family mediation is typically shared among those involved in the mediation. Mediation also eliminates court fees and the need for each side in a dispute to pay an attorney.

What Does a Mediator Do?

Just as they would in other mediation cases, mediators are tasked with treating all parties equally. Family members usually interact with mediators without others around. This eliminates confrontation and allows all parties to feel comfortable and not be intimidated. A mediator presents various scenarios to all parties involved until a joint resolution is found.

When is Family Law Mediation Beneficial?

Family law mediation can play in an important role in the resolution of a variety of disputes. These include:

  • hild custody arrangements
  • Child support payments
  • Legal separation and divorce
  • Alimony and maintenance payments
  • Estate disputes
  • Family property disputes
  • Inheritance and disputes over wills

Mediation is not always an option, but when two or more parties can agree to let a mediator solve a family dispute, it provides many benefits. If you are involved in a family dispute and you want to find a solution that is affordable, fast, and equal for all parties, family law mediation is the choice for you.

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