“Katy and Gary were creative and stubbornly persistent in successfully mediating a complex legal malpractice case embedded in a complex probate dispute. Getting the job done saved all the parties tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees and litigation costs.”

Paul Gordon
Paul Gordon, LLC
Denver, CO

I echo the praises of Katy.  I just settled a case with her yesterday in a 14-hour mediation.  She went the distance with the parties – who at various times were on the way out the door until 10:15 pm – and topped it off with a signed agreement at the end of the night.  She’s tenacious, committed, and highly skilled.  5 stars!

Kimberlie Ryan, JD, MPA
for Ryan Law Firm, LLC
Denver, CO

In the 35 years I have been representing employers in employment law cases, Katy Miller has impressed me as one of the finest and most ethical lawyers with whom it has been my privilege to do business. In various cases, I have recommended her to my clients and to opposing parties to serve as mediator, investigator, arbitrator, and in the case of complex settlements, settlement monitor. In every matter in which Katy has served in one of those roles, our experience has been uniformly excellent. In all of those roles, she has been objective in her evaluations and conclusions, thorough in her investigations and preparation, knowledgeable of the applicable law, and effective in communicating with the parties and counsel. I highly recommend her for any of the aforementioned roles in any case and particularly those involving complex legal and/or factual issues.

Larry Marquess, Shareholder
Littler Mendelson, PC
Denver, CO

I have used Katy Miller as a mediator in FLSA collective actions and have always had a positive experience with her mediation services. Although the cases involved numerous complex issues and parties, she always had a strong command of the facts and legal issues and masterfully facilitated resolution of the cases.

Steven W. Moore, Managing Shareholder
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C
Denver, CO

Katy Miller is skilled in asking the fundamental questions that help the parties realistically evaluate their respective positions. She is persistent in helping parties to craft creative solutions. These attributes make her a very effective mediator.

Mari L. Newman
Killmer, Lane & Newman, LLP
Denver, CO

Katy did a great job mediating a complex, national collective action under the FLSA. She was able to take it layer by layer and work through multiple conflicts until we reached a settlement that worked for all parties. From a mediator’s perspective, this was as tall a task as I have seen. I would use Katy on any complex case around the country and intend to do so in the future.

Brett Turnbull
Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP
Birmingham, AL

Katy Miller is an exceptional mediator! Her skills have assisted my clients to resolve complex and difficult cases … Katy’s prior work representing both sides in labor and employment cases has proven invaluable. She relates well with all parties and she is able to successfully bridge the gap between extreme positions. I have found Katy’s professionalism and seriousness and her ability to pivot during a negotiation to bring in her compassion and humor a refreshing and effective combination. I highly recommend Katy.

Steven Gutierrez
Holland & Hart, LLP
Denver, CO

Katy Miller is always in my top tier of mediator choices. Smart, incisive, respectful of all parties and their representatives and, perhaps most importantly, always willing to go the extra mile to get it done. She deserves my highest recommendation.

Elwyn Schaefer
Schaefer & Associates, PC
Denver, CO

I found Katy’s real-world knowledge and expertise on employment law issues is very helpful in guiding us during the mediation process. She is a great listener and asks insightful questions.

Barbara L. Wyngarden, Esq.
Mountain States Employers Council, Inc.
Denver, CO

I would recommend Katy to anyone interested in mediating a case. She was able to help us resolve a complex case by distilling a great deal of information down to the issues pertinent to the parties for negotiation. Katy is pleasant and professional, but strong and firm when necessary. I enjoyed working with her and have a great deal of respect to her knowledge of the law and skills as a mediator.

Kirby Farris
Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP
Birmingham, AL

Katy recently mediated a difficult sex harassment case for one of my clients. She did a masterful job with bitter, difficult parties and a recalcitrant insurance company. Her understanding of the dynamics of the adjuster’s involvement was a key to getting this one done. The result was that we avoided an expensive, lengthy lawsuit.

David. H. Stacy
Kelly, Stacy & Rita LLC
Denver, CO