Colorado Class Action Attorney-Mediators

Colorado Class Action Attorney-Mediators

Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc. offers class action mediation across the country.

Class Action lawsuits typically involve multiple lawyers and hundreds of plaintiffs with varied claims and damages.

An example of a class action lawsuit is employees complaining about withheld wages, or a dispute over the calculation of working hours. It may also involve issues with overtime pay, eligibility for certain benefits, and in some cases, issues of employees being affected by a work policy or a decision of a supervisor.

The Complexity of Class Action Lawsuits

These cases present a high degree of difficulty and complexity due to the great number of claimants, underlying substantive claims, settlement administration, setting and awarding of fees, and objections, among others.

When ripe for settlement, their complexity requires a mediator with an expert understanding of employment law, the skills to fully grasp the issues and engage all the players in negotiation, and the tenacity to persevere when class action mediation can stretch over weeks or months.

Katy Miller Brings Experience to Complex Cases

Not all mediators in Colorado have class action experience. The peculiarities of procedural settlements in a class action lawsuit make it important to select a mediator particularly knowledgeable in class action.

It is wise to have a mediator with a general understanding of the business implications of settlements and experience in adjudicating complex business disputes.

Katy Miller mediates Class Action employment and wage and hour cases in Denver and throughout the country. She brings to her role as attorney-neutral more than 25 years’ experience litigating employment disputes, including Class Action lawsuits. Since founding Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc. in 1997 she now works exclusively as a neutral, including in Class Actions

Our Mediators Use Their Experience To Negotiate Settlement in Complex Class Actions

Katy works with many repeat clients, including the EEOC which has hired Katy to mediate cases in which the EEOC represents the class. As an attorney who litigated a number of class actions, Katy understands that any class action agreement will be tested at a Fairness Hearing, and she assists the parties to negotiate fair agreements that will be approved by the Court. She has been selected following settlement as the Master who will hear and decide claims disputes under the Settlement Agreements or Consent Decrees.

The Advantages of Mediation for Class Action Lawsuits

Mediation is useful even in large-scale legal claims like class action. It allows both sides to avoid a long and costly trial, provides claimants with relief more quickly.

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