Colorado Elder Law Mediators Help Your Family Solve Conflicts

Caring, Confidential Elder Mediation

Many of us are blessed to have our parents and grandparents living longer, healthier lives than any generation before has enjoyed. But as Colorado residents live longer, they also face health, wealth-management and other challenges that their grandparents never imagined.

For adult children trying to be respectful and supportive, but also watching out for mom and dad, these can be challenging times. Guardianship…Alzheimer’s or other forms of diminished capacity…wealth protection…choice on end of life issues…these issues can devastate families when children bring different concerns to the table – especially when family members are spread out around the country.

Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc. can help. LADR attorney-neutrals know elder law and we specialize in bringing stakeholders to the table to discuss and resolve disputes – even when family members can’t literally be in the room together. We facilitate conversations in an effort to reduce acrimony while we emphasize building, repairing and enhancing relationships by using expert communications skills to give multiple parties to a dispute a voice and a confidence that the process is fair.

We understand how emotions can affect families in dispute. We bring sensitivity and experience to support your family and help you take control of your legal issues. LADR elder mediation can save you great expense, but can also promote healthier and more functional relationships among your family, a fact we understand is especially important, because those relationships will last your lifetime.

Probate/Estate Litigation Solutions Through Mediation

Sometimes families find themselves in hotly contested probate litigation, dividing family members and wasting money and resources. LADR attorney-neutrals are experienced with probate litigation and bring that experience to their expertise in mediating and resolving probate cases in all stages of litigation.

Probate/Estate cases often involve multiple generations with a variety of diverse family relationships, each with very different goals. We frequently use a co-mediation style which allows us to conduct multiple party mediations to a successful completion the same day. We assist the parties in identifying their goals and realistic outcomes while finding creative solutions to reach a resolution. Using this method, the parties are able to have a voice in the outcome of the dispute without having to go through the emotional and financial cost of a trial, the result of which can never be assured.

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