Colorado Lawyers Facilitate Solutions on the Job

We Come to You to Help Parties Resolve Conflicts

Disputes between employees in the workplace can become emotional and difficult to resolve. When the best efforts of managers and HR can’t help, and the parties involved are valuable to the organization, an outside mediator can often bring the fresh perspective and independence needed to get at the heart of the issues and help the parties resolve them.

Attorney-neutral Katy Miller facilitates resolution of workplace disputes between co-workers, between supervisors and employees, or among groups of employees. When a workplace problem falls short of a claim or charge, but is persistent and draining on the group, Katy can conduct informal facilitation onsite.

Typically scheduled for just a few hours, and without attorneys representing the parties, mediation offers a safe place for employees to speak without fear. With experience in dozens of work sites, Katy creates a safe atmosphere for employees to air their concerns and opens the lines of communication toward amicable resolutions.

Our Dispute Resolution Mediators Help Parties Resolve Conflicts At Their Place of Employment

Workplace facilitation is a cost-effective way to create a “fresh slate” for employees in conflict. Tailored on-site conflict resolution can head off litigation, promote positive working relationships, and increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Some employers have even used workplace facilitation as a team-building exercise in situations involving disgruntled or unsatisfied employees.

The process is specifically designed for each workplace’s needs and can be a viable option for resolving a wide range of employment disputes and allegations, including:

  • Harassment or hostile work environment
  • Discrimination
  • Personality conflicts
  • Difficult supervisors or employees

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