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Keys to a Successful Mediation of a Class or Collective Action under the FLSA

Posted by LADR on Mar 29th, 2014 in Class Action Mediation

In order to give yourself and your clients the best chance of success in mediation, carefully consider the following issues in advance. (1) Who will be the mediator, (2) Who should attend the mediation session(s), (3) What information do you need in advance of the sessions, and (4) what information should you provide to the […]

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FLSA Collective Actions

Posted by LADR on Jan 13th, 2014 in Class Action Mediation

I have used Katy Miller as a mediator in FLSA collective actions and have always had a positive experience with her mediation services. Although the cases involved numerous complex issues and parties, she always had a strong command of the facts and legal issues and masterfully facilitated resolution of the cases. Steven W. Moore, Managing […]

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Mediating a Wage Hour Case

Posted by LADR on Oct 18th, 2013 in Class Action Mediation

Wage and hour cases are often filed as collective actions under the FLSA. They are frequently settled through mediation. Unlike a case brought by one employee against an employer, however, collective cases are very complex and raise unique issues for the parties and the mediator. A wage and hour class or collective matter can be […]

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