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At Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc., our attorney-neutrals offer guidance to individuals and organizations seeking amicable resolutions to a wide range of legal disputes. Statistics show the vast majority of cases settle well before trial: we help you get there sooner.

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a general term to describe methods of resolving conflict outside of Court. People enter into ADR voluntarily and engage the services of a neutral, third-party professional to assist them in a confidential setting.

We offer the following alternatives to expensive, time-consuming litigation:

  • Mediation: Our impartial, trained facilitator assists the parties in reaching a resolution of a legal dispute voluntarily — before litigation has been initiated or afterward. The mediator does not make a decision, but rather helps the parties reach a fair and amicable resolution by creating a safe environment to discuss issues, facilitate conversation, and offer creative problem-solving.
  • Employment Mediation: We specialize in mediating workplace disputes, including class actions. In the last 5 years, over 90 percent of the disputes mediated by Katy Miller were resolved at mediation. Katy is the co-managing editor of The Practitioner’s Guide to Colorado Employment Law, the most widely read guide for Colorado employment attorneys. She co-authored its chapter on Settlement and Mediation.
  • Probate and Elder law mediation: Our trained, experienced mediators can help your family resolve those often-emotional disputes over an elder law or probate issue. We offer a confidential and safe setting to create a forum where all members of a family have a voice and an opportunity to come together to settle disputes.
  • Family law mediation: During and following a divorce, many families now turn first to a mediator, rather than a lawyer or judge, to settle disputes related to child support, parenting time, and related issues. We can help you reach a fair settlement and maintain a civilized relationship with your former spouse or co-parent.
  • Employment Arbitration: When an employer and employee agree to take a dispute to arbitration, they argue their cases before a neutral arbitrator, whose decision — like a judge’s — is often binding on the parties. The cost of arbitration, however, is usually a fraction of the cost of litigation and the process if often less stressful than the more formal and intimidating Courtroom trial. We have conducted successful arbitrations throughout Colorado and the wider western region.
  • Independent Fact Finding Investigation: Sometimes an employee makes an accusation against a company or a member of management that is so serious that the company is well-advised to engage an outside investigator to look into the issue. Allegations such as sexual harassment can have not only serious legal ramifications but can also undercut staff morale and hurt the bottom line. We conduct independent fact-finding investigations to assist employers in learning the facts and, if requested, offer recommendations for resolving conflicts.
  • Class Action Mediation: In the specialized arena of class action mediation, we bring experience with large cases to help settle complex and class action litigation. Whether it is hundreds of employees with a wage dispute under the FLSA claiming harassment before the EEOC, or a neighborhood traumatized by allegations of toxic waste, we can assist the parties in reaching fair resolution that will be approved at the Fairness Hearing.
  • Class Action Monitoring: Attorney-neutral Katy Miller serves a unique niche in alternative dispute resolution by monitoring class action settlement agreements. She has been selected by the federal government and private employers to serve as a monitor to oversee the implementation of injunctive relief and monetary provisions of class action settlement agreements and consent decrees.
  • Workplace facilitation: Employers turn to LADR when employees can’t resolve an ongoing, divisive dispute with the resources available to them at work. We provide workplace conflict dispute facilitation on-site to help employees in conflict work towards a productive relationship.

Our Lawyers Help Parties Find Alternative Ways to Resolve Disputes In Various Legal Fields

Whatever your specific concerns may be, we have the knowledge and experience needed to help you find resolutions. Contact our Littleton, Colorado, office online or call 303-798-2533 to discuss your specific legal disputes.